Saturday, March 28, 2009

.....One Bored Day

As usual i woke up at 12.30pm today since it's saturday.
As usual too after my breakfast + lunch, I on my lappy and str browsing on stuff to do but end up browsing the web. I'm just too tired from the stress i got this and that to just move my tiny lil' brain of doing something profitable like assignments etc.
Around 4.30pm i decided to walk to Everise to shop for magazine at the same time to top up my phone. I did top up my phone as there are lots of phone shop along the way. After that i went to Popular book store to look for interesting magazine. I don't know if it's my problem or just the magazine that they have to offer is really too lil to choose from. I end up browsing up n down left and right for around 30mins just to get a fudking magazine to fill my time and help me out in my studies. *All magazine are able to help people like us, graphic designer as it's our stuffs so it's not a waste of money and i collect them lil' my baby..hahaha,kinda*. Anyway, i end up getting Men's Health apr issue Malaysia version. Hmm, somehow now i don't really satisfied with the magazine i bought or probably i just feel emo cuz i miss U..hugg

Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm quite surprise to know that there isn't anyone visiting my blog today.
I feel quite pity rite know. I know i dun have consistent viewer but then
im quite shock to see i have no viewer today,sigh..haha

Anyway, today we got a new neighbour haha..they just move in i think.
It's so weird cause they move in at nite. I mean it just feel so weird to do so
not that im superstition or something or maybe i'm a bit haha
hmm, and they are so noisy. Nailing the wall in the middle of the nite like now? 12.34am?
wth..luckily just a while,if not i will curse them till they pee in their pants now haha
i know that is know cruel or something cause i dun wanna
have really bad karma haha.. :p

I feel so tired now after a few days of working in front of my laptop doing computer graphic
eventhough i'm not done yet as there is still around 30% or less to go.
My eyes sores arggg...sob sob..
Today he had computer graphic studio test though and it's kinda fun haha.
We are asked to design a logo for a cosmetic brand called Bellway which i can't even find
the brand itself..or not yet hehe..well see it for yourself then..
It's suppose to be in black and white though so don't ask me why it's only black and white plus we only got 35 mins to do it,hahaha.

Anyway, i hope after this i will have some viewers coming in again.sigh..wish me luck
Good nite sexy girls and hot guys..
haha i think im a lil' unconcious on what i'm talkin now..
sorry for that..huhuhuhu

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Birthday Post [RELATED]

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My recent wish-to-have TOYS

Credits to

My latest phone list
Those listed below are types of phone or design or model that i wish to have.

Sony Ericsson W995

Sony Ericsson C903

Sony Ericsson W980

Sidekick [Forgot which model is this d,sorry! hehe]

Sony Erisson X1

Samsung F700

Latest Photoshot

Model: Frankie, Cindy

Comment: Though they are not professional models but they can really pose well now compared to the previous photoshot which i did with Cindy. Thz guys.
Girls and Boys
Those who interested in starting a modelling career or want to experience it or try out. Please contact me cuz we're in need of YOU guys n gals to help us up with our photography assignments. Who knows your picture might end up in some model scout's hand and wah're a model next day. As you know Limkokwing is not a small institude so be prepare folks..come on and help us out. Anyone interested please leave a msg in my cbox and will try to contact you asap. THZ

By, Jimmy.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I know it's quite late already..and now it's 1.14am which is 1hour n 14mins pass my birthday..sobsob.. somehow i wish that it could be fuller, you get what i mean. Anyway, my barbecue just ended and i'm ready to off to bed and don't about my assignment now since i'm so tired now. Anyway, before i'm off to sleep i just wanna thank:

Those who sms me
Marloon Micheal
Ron didi
Frankie chai the Monkieboi
Alan ling
Sis Siew Yei
Ann Ann
Aunt Joanne

Those who called me
Marloon Micheal
Big Aunt
Sis Shirley
Daddy n Mummy

Those who greeted me in facebook
Al Mozaine
Siew Kim
Vincent Chee
Sherry Tan
Syafiq Zaki

Those who greeted me in Frienster
Ah Sen

If i missed out anyone who did call me or msg or anything just tell me, ok? hehe...Thank you for those who still remember my birthday who..take care and God Bless you..hugg. Last but not least, i hope that my wishes will come true :p

Saturday, March 14, 2009

15 March 1989_890315-13-XXXX
Hmm..Today is my Biiiirrrttthhhddaaayyyy..hahaha..that means i'm older by one year now..sobsob..20 year old.. start with the number "2" in my age d..sobsob.. Hopefully Mr and Mrs. Wrinkle won't visit me or not that soon haha..must maintain..woo woo~
I know im suppose to sleep now as i shud get up early tomolo i mean today since it's 1 hour pass midnite..hahaha..wad i mean is it's kind of late now as i should wake up early tomorrow cuz it's my birthday..hmm..c how la..haha i still got my computer graphic assignment to do ne tomorrow since i went out with my cousins just now and laze around in the afternoon,hahaha. Should blame myself lo..Anyway..i think i got addicted to this video or channel or wadever it is called..which the channel is called started when one of my friend show me a video in youtube on a blondie showing how to make banana split in 3 mins. The Funny part is when things happen like, instead of nice yellow banana, she was given bunch of rotten bananas and rock hard frozen ice-cream which she need to defrost but end up the ice-cream turn into liquid form cuz she put into the oven for too long..hahaha..funny..there's more in that channel too so must go search up for that hahaha..This post is kinda a sudden cuz i suddenly thought that i should post something during my birthday wish meeee happy birthday la..sob2..good nite folkz..huggz

Monday, March 09, 2009

Last Few Days
Some of you might guess what am i doing these few days since i kind of update my blog for quite some time thought it's only 6days to be exact,haha. Erm did some research and sketched for my illustration assignment and did some thinking on my photography and went to my cousin's aunt house to do some decorating for her son's wedding on the next day. So that means yesterday is her son's wedding lo but i didn't manage to attend the one in the morning but i did go for the wedding dinner, perhaps because of the food, hahaha. Anyway not bad la the dinner just for me is a lil' boring since i dunno them much bah,hmm. Anyway there isn't much to blog now. Last but not least i just want to tell ya people that i finally had my facebook d, hehe. All thanks to my fren willy keep on persuading me cuz he want to earn more money in pet society by having more people to visit everyday. At 1st i thought i was rather lame la but then after i've started playing pet society, eventually i got addicted, haha. Even lamer rite? lol. Anyway, just add me if you're playing facebook and better if you got play pet society too so that i can earn money too I know im addicted now with those games in there. Hmm
The Coming Star

One day when i was browsing in youtube, i saw this small vid pic. I don't know who is he an wondering he if is some star from Philipine since he's id is Philiprom,rite?. Anway so i just click to c wad kind of song is that. Wad surprise me is that he is from kuching. "What the heck?" i tot. So then i was bored enough to have it loaded n listen to it. After i listen to the whole song, im amaze suddenly yet somehow i feel like i saw this guy somewhere before and after hours and days of research, ya i ever seen him. haha..surprisingly,hmm but it's in last sem when i was been a dresser/helper for our school fashion show in Bouleard kuching during Merdeka day, haha. Without reading more of my crap and i guess the loadin is done too so enjoy the video and support him too la. Hopefully can colaborate with him next time haha..oops, Dreaming again,hahaha.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

3rd March 2008

The weather today is so fudkin' hot. We're having sosiology class today with Mr.Christian and Mr.Ronald talking about basic writing, brainstorming and havard. It's a rather short class today as usual i guess which end around 11. After that me and my friends went to the Cira room to pick up our previous assignment. I mean there's a lot you know. Assigment since semester 1 which include those weekly ones. That's like "Wow", haha. Basically when we went into the Cira room. It's like garbage bin or more like a wasteland just that it's somehow organize in a way. Imagine Nicely arrange stuffs being pull out one by one n throw here n there. So we picked up our canvas n journals today. It's so memorble to me which i think i'll cherish most apart from the other assignments now, especially my sememter 1 intergrated project doing fashion design. I still remember my team name is "The Atelier" which consist of Me the leader, and my friends who are Chiang Hui, Sabrina, Teck Leong and if not mistaken, Ngo Nguk Chin. I hope i spelled my friends name right, hehe. Apart from that, i also found my canvas which is the assignment for "myself in canvas" my 1st ever assignment i guess which is damn unfinish and looking hideous in never before life, haha. So after we piled up everything outside the Cira room, we had to run back and forth to move those stuffs into our class room 2 floors below, wow. That's kind of far, rite? especially when we need to carry those heavy assignments. After i've done moving those stuffs, Amber called me to go have lunch with her but that time i'm so hot cause of moving those stuffs in this fudking hot weather. Anyway i did go "makan" ["makan" means eat in Bahasa Melayu] with her. So we walk to Wing's cafe to join the others but surprisingly the rest were no way to be seen. So go plan to take 1/3 road which number one, we go heritage to see if they are there or not as Amber do not have their number since she's using her mom's handphone today while i leave my phone in my classroom accidentally. The second choice is to go to Uncle's place [a cafe which was own by this couple. we usually go eat there almost everyday last time but we didn't even know what the shop name seriously so we named it Uncle's place] did you notice that i use the word "was own" because the moved. Anyway we end up at the third choice which is going to I-cafe to look for them to see if they are there but sadly they were not there so me and Amber had to have our lunch together. Haha, an oppurtunity actually. Lol was just kidding. Anyway, i noticed that we looks more beautiful and fresh compared to last time as she told me she cut down on her cigarate nowadays already which is good for her health too, hmm. So after having lunch, we went to U-tech to get some stuffs and went back to campus. It's freaking hot today so you can imagine how hot we were walking back to campus that time, haha. Anyway since i got my sketch book already, so that means i can start my story board for my illustration class. I did some research on one of my character which is a African-American sassy girl who work in a designer house. So basically she is a junior fashion designer under another character named... Anne for now, as the whole thing is not really a firm idea and i'm worried that Mr.Christian will reject my idea, hmm. Anyway after doing some reseach on my character and had my 1st sketches on how her looks should roughly be, i went to my class since those junior who are using our class were done. So me and my friends kinda pack our stuffs which we moved from the Cira room earlier and organize it a bit. Around 4, my friend left and i'm left alone BUT.. luckily Van and Kenan is in the class next door so i bring some of those assignments there waiting for Dom as i'm following his car back home today. We chat some crap then suddenly Dom msg me, asking me if i'm following his car as he's going back soon so i packed and rush to the ground floor with those bunch of assignments which i think weight roughly around 5kg? haha... but for me it feels like it weight 10 times more when i had to walk from my class to the ground floor, haha i know i sounds like a diva exaggerating it. Anyway i met Dom downstairs and we walk to his car. Along the way i saw this dog which is so "kesian" ["kesian" means pity in Bahasa Melayu] because it's so skinny till the bones can be seen and it is sadly looking into our campus. I mean no wonder you are skinny because our school is not a restaurant nor cafe and our cafe is situated on the 2nd 1st floor so there is no way you can go up there, lil doggy. Anyway after pitying that skinny dog, we went into the car n drive off. I had some chat with Dom. He is such a nice person to drive me back home during high traffic time. After that i reach home and immediately prepare to take my cold bath eventhough i start with warm water but then i feel like the water is damn hot even when i turn to the small or lowest temperature, so at the end i turn it off enjoying the cold water bath. After i took my bath, hehe.. i blog la..that why i'm such a good person sharing tid-bits of my life today, haha. Anyway i want to have my dinner now so hopefully i will share my day with those who are reading my blog now, yes, YOuu. Bye~