Monday, July 21, 2008

Sisi Day!!
Chai sisi is one of my fren..she is very tall..
even taller than me n chiam but still
we love her..haha
so let me show u some pics we took today
as she juz came bak from sibu for her holiday..
enjoy folks..

In Popular shot..


strike it gal..n boi too,hahaha

This is wad i call the bluek n peace shot..hahaha

squattin down,drinkin my grossy coffee flovour something kokoberry while watchin anime
i dun like it really..seriously,sick

Time to shot shot shot...sampai u luput pose!!

Happy end shot with Nikki n Felicia..
This is roughly how much i eat a meal if im workin
can u c how much is it??wow..i cant imagine too even if i finish with it i still cant really feel much of the whr u foodie goes?hmm...maybe becuz im still growin i guess provide by this stall..

C..this is how little they giv..
so do u think i can survive??
hmm,miraclely i still survive till now..
wow wow wow..haha
this is wad i call lucky
still the food is kinda nice juz that the rice is way too little to fill even half of my
food-lust stomach..
so..if by anychance ppl who work thr c this
the next time when i go thr..
plz give me more food if u feel bad about not able to fill even half of my baby..

This r some of the books i wish to hav in my bookshelf....
but unfortunately some of it is out of stock alreay..
i think..
hope that what i claim is wrong all this while..

This is the book i wanted most mainly becuz as u can c at the cover of the book..
it teaches ppl how to sew..dummy like me..
pathetic isn't it..
at least i'm tryin rite??
this is the book which is current can't b found by me in Miri popular store..
whr r u,book??some out plz so tat i can buy u..
n pursuit my dream..
with u..i feel even closer to my dream
so come out plz..arggg
This is a book for lazy n unskilled ppl who wish to prepare a lovely meal for
the other half..
unfortunately there's no one which i can do so now..
still u r lucky cuz i haven't buy this book..hahaha

Don't get fool by the title of the book..
U might think,"wth..u r sooo skinny already (that is wad some of my frens think)
u still wanna diet? u r sick man"...
haha i can say u r wrong of the reason i wanna buy this book..
cuz this book not only provides us dietary recipe for those who wanna diet BUT
it also provides facts of things we should n should not do if let say we
wanna hav more energy,keepin our youth,etc..
it also provides tips too..soo go buy it now!!!

This is a very interesting book which i would like to hav..hahaha
mainly bcuz it teaches us many things from how to choose a specs which suits Oneself to.. to choose a bra for the ladies out there..
so if u're interested..go grab it now at ur nearby bookstore..haha

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Another day another life~wuu

This is whr we parkson workers or known as promoter
hang out if we got no whr to go durin' our break time..
wad do u think?pity rite?..tat is what i think too..hahaha

That guy's hair is like durian...hahaha
he's yen's neighbor..oops i mean Willy..
not real house neighbor la but counter..haha
he got nice eyes from far..hahaha
not sure nice o not if close la cuz i never talk to him..hahaha
NEXT is my neighbor..

Lyn n nor..i think..hopefully i din spell their name wrongly..haha
still the pronunciation is correct nvm la..hahaha
Here's wad u READERS r waitin for...
*drum roll*
*cymbal clash*
The private life of promoter..some la..
The hungry promoter...she is hungry i think till sik tahan hav to eat there straight..
actually their havin' their discussion o a short chit chat but i manage i
snap then while they r busy doin their stuff..haha
lucky me..

Actually it smells kinda delicious too..
i mean the food *duh*
c..she eat like....1 week din have her meal oledi..hahaha,
she is my junior from primary school
i juz noe tat today..hahaha


Just a tree u think rite?
look closely..
it's a furry tree..
no la
it's a tree that had been parasited by this leaves erm..
i forgot they called it already..hahaha
nvm looks unique..haha
This is the closer view of the tree..."berbulu rite?"