Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Sorrowful Eyes

Hey, there's been quite a long time since i saw u the last time. How have u been doing? I'm unsure of ur life now but somehow..somehow...i see sorrow in your eyes. Even if u smile, your heart felt happy but i can sense there are some glimpse of sorrow in you.. i hope im wrong and you having a happy life....

   Once i know a girl who fallen in love with a boy....
            One day.. She saw a glimpse of hope...

                 But... everything change.. because of the family bound..
Status.. Money.. 
                         ... Everything changed...

She felt longing for that boy because she felt insecure anymore just being together with that boy,it's like every second they are been watch... anything she tell him is recorded.. been filed up.. 

....her love for him is there but because of the boundary, she is scare.. she is scare.. and she burst to tears just to think of that because... the boy doesn't know she assume..

     That boy when study abroad, learned new things, admired a new girl.. 
She just sit and watch.. happy yet scare.. she is bursting out..
Every night she can only sing to herself alone accompanied by her tears..
                                                                                                     one knows...
She missed him alot..
She is broken... she turned uncontious.. 
 and yet...   ...he still don't know.
The sorrow in the eyes..

Monday, November 08, 2010


...I'm so tired
Tired of assignments mostly..and maybe a lil' of other stuffs like this and handphone perhaps..
One of my fren once told me that "why you like to make it so complicated? just do it, don't think".. perhaps i should..but i feel like my brain is in constant rotating, thinking so many stuff..
I enjoy dreaming and it is my comfort zone...a place to keep me comfort and safe but it's not that comfortable now as my head is in constant strain.. I don't have much emotion nowadays..
nothing excited me.. nothing stimulate me...
im constantly seeking for something to stimulate me...
I guess there is no room in my head for emotion now..
.....i'm sick..