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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Art of the Rose

*Photo courtesy of IMAGE BANK*

No matter how pretty a rose is,
Grabbing the hearts of the butterflies and bees..
One day it will withered n lose its beauty,

And soon the butterflies and the bees will fade and gone..
Where do you wanna lay your buds on with ur dry stem..

When you are no longer you..
is fair, HE let us blossom like a rose at least once in our life time to grant our wish in Terms of having a partner,being glamorous and famous, and being rich..
But soon those will fade away and we will be left alone if we don't use the gift wisely...

Thursday, January 07, 2010


I've been kiss by an Angel
An Angel of Despair..
Having you around is like living in Paradise
But losing you is the worst thing ever happened to me..
What happen to me?
I'm losing myself..
Like the moon eaten by The Night Wolf
I've become fragile and i notice it
but why?
That is the question i've been asking myself ever since then..
But until i saw another Angel..
What Angel are you?
Another question popped out..
No one could answer me that..
Only time will tell me the truth on who you are?..
Where you from?..
Should i follow your lead?..
Answer is all i need now..someone please tell me..
I'm losing myself fast..
I shall repent..