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Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's rather dark tho as in shootin at nite, even with lights,hmm
It's sounds rather silly too not forgetting how i look,hahaha

She was lost in so many different ways
Out in the darkness with no guide
I know the cost of a losing hand
There for the Grace of God go I

I found heaven on Earth
You were my last, my first
And then I hear this voice inside
Ave Maria

I've been alone
When I'm surrounded by friends
How could the silence be so loud
But I still go home knowing that I've got you
There's only us when the lights go down

You are my heaven on Earth
You are my hunger, my thirst
I always hear this voice inside
Singing Ave Maria

Sometimes love can come and pass you by
While you're busy making plans
Suddenly hits you and then you realize
It's out of your hands
Baby you got to understand

You are my heaven on earth
You are my last, my first
And then I hear this voice inside
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Ave Maria

Thursday, May 14, 2009

4th Night
When out with Aunty Collin last nite, again,hahaha.
That is the 4th time we went out already.
Anyway, we went to watch movie..
It's not a recommended movie i think because i personally think it's not worth it but luckily it's only RM5, make it RM10 because i promise Aunty Collin to treat him to watch movie as he bring me out. Pity him also because i always as him out. Waste his petrol nia. Anyway we went to watch....
Mall Cop

We taught we're kinda late for a movie already that night because we reach there around 8pm someting but actually we're a bit late la for nice movie hahaha..oops, what m i saying? haha stupid after some decission, we decided to watch Mall cop lah since some movie is around 12 something for the next screening. Now..after we bought the ticket, it's like only 8 something still so Collin decided to eat something as he haven't taken his dinner, pooor pooor thing, haha so we went to this shop erm...hmm..for its name..anyway it's around a 1 mins walk from the cinema so it's quite close. I had sogo honeydew drinks and Collin had this traditional claypot, he claim it's not enought to fill up his xtra large tank,hahaha. I agree too la as the pot is damn small which i would claim cute d, hahaha. Anyway, after we finish with out food and drinks, Collin decided to walk around as it's still early for the movie. We walk around town, cross the water-front and reach parkson. It's amazingly tired that night because it's kinda warm,hmm..pity Collin again,hahaha. so when we reach Parkson, we're relieve because it's cold but the sad part is, it's closing d so we just grab some drinks there and went out. It's still hot,hahaha. so after some walk, we decided to walk back to the cinema as i think i cannot tahan of that hot weather d eventho it's night time. We pass by water front area again and there is this stupid girl sitting in front of one of the stall. I think maybe she got business and like no one wanna poke her hole, we walk by their table and i overheard she said something like this " wow, act so cool but only got 2 of u *giggle* ", i think she is stupid enough to think that all chinese doesn't understand bahasa sarawak is it? i feel like smacking her n throw her into the river that time as im so tired and hot. Collin did not notice what they are saying until i told him. He got so mad until i had to calm him down, hahaha. He scold a bit as y i did't tell him earlier so that he can "Laser" her. hahaha..I kena bomb pulak. Anyway after we reach the cinema, it's a relive for me. I feel so cold there hahaha but tired also as we walked for quite sometimes haha yet no chairs outside the cinema for us. We had to stand and wait for another one hour until the movie start..hmm after the movie we went back..the funny part is i almost went into the wrong car,hahaha. Aunty Collin tease me again, swt..I reach home around 1am if not mistaken..Wad a night..
I'm rather busy these days with both my modeling competition and my studies but i think i can manage is la..hmm..i was so bored today so i decided to record a new song which i've been listening this few days..i sang it actually hopefully i won't break you beware,hahaha..

Wanna do my assignments now..rush rush rush..
still got to edit photos for my photography assignment, redo-referencing for my sociology and last but not least do some sketches for my illustration because Mr. Christian wanna see my progress. He is not a bad person because he wants to push me to do my work so that i won't fail,hehe so i have to work hard lor..GAMBATTE

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Meaning

The poster is actually about human rights of gay, lesbian and transexual rights.
This is one of my assignments for my computer graphic 2, hehe.
I know what you guys been thinking, of all the topics to choose from, why i choose to do this topic. Hmm, That is probably because i think there is a need to create this awareness of accepting people who have different sexual orientation that us. They are no difference than us so why do we have to discriminate them and look down upon them? What if you are one of them and people look down on you n saying nasty and hurtful things about you? How do you feel?
This is the awareness which i wanna create among the people in Malaysia.

Some of you asked me if my math is soooo damn good until i cannot solve the problem in the poster, but did u realize that there is no minus, plus, times or even substract in the problem in the poster?? that is because there is other meanings laying underneath there. As what Alexius said, a good poster should not be too direct which eventually will lead to boredom. I agree with that but i know my poster ain't the best yet,hehe.
As i was talkin about the hidden meaning in the poster, i'm about to tell you the real meaning ot the poster now.
Rainbow colour are mainly associated with homosexual community or know as plu thus is use it as the background colour which makes it stands out from the other poster which my fren did cuz i got the most colourful poster i think, hahaha. Next is the math problem which most people claim that i cannot solve or rather a typo, hahaha. The number "1" means male as most of the people know y..hahaha. In this case, the "11" means gay or male couple and without further explaination you guys should know that the "00" means lesbian and the it end with "10" which means heterosexual or known as normal couple, male with female.
The whole meaning is no matter you're a gay or lesbian, you are no difference with the normal couple because they are still human who comes out from their mum, so y discriminate people and why wanna be ashame?

We should LOVE THEM..
The should EMBRACE IT

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Busy Busy Days

I've been quite busy lately and i'm really sorry that i didn't manage to update my blog recently.
Due to that matter,i will update you guys, my reader on what i've been doin last few weeks..

First of all, our school have been working on a event with Breeze magazine which is the
Breeze model search sarawak.
I've been helpin out with the test shot event n stuffs. I was fun tho looking at those people joining
cuz it feels like wad we called "happening" haha.

Seem rather busy rite? but then i was not in the mood at first so end up playing n having henna done haha..

Thanks Yen for doing a gorgeous henna for me.

Amber's henna on leg haha..

Having fun posing during the last day, haha..i look wtfrog haha..Allan - Me - George - Vanessa - Abby

After the hectic weekend, i chill up in my room n took this pic..
my new look? haha..with goatee..bluek!

A week after that, the real audition is ON! like BAM!
haha.. venue in our campus. It's quite happening la dispite of the extreme
hot weather that day..
I'm one of the participant that day..
trust's andrenaline rush haha..
After the photoshot and interview, we hang out in the admin room cuz it's too hot out there tho we did went out for a while la haha..

Glen shock look..fierce~!

George - Jean - Me

Glenda and Me

Swt pose haha..
Few Days Later..
I receive a message from Breeze asking to go to The Spring
to have a peek if we're one of the finalist..
and the result.. is...
wanna be on top? pic~!!
These are the following finalist that got selected for the Breeze model search 1st season haha..

What i gain so far from the competition..hmm..
a new fren name Royce
Before the runway

[Sorry for stealin this photo from u haha..]

After the fashion show, we had our party at the same place, Victoria Arms in Merdeka Palace

The scandalous pose haha while Vanessa is frinking huhu~!

WTH! i look omg..hahhaa

Eric - Roza - Me

That's all for now but if you wanna see more pictures from the party please log into ur facebook and add me. You'll see a fren named Amber Lee..she got lots of pictures from that nite and if it's not enough..drop by to Louis's profile too..haha


Other than that i had done my poster for my assignment, a poster for pflag hehe..
This poster is about Humanitarian issue..tell me what you have in mine when you see this poster.. post ur comment in the comment box or in my cbox..thz..
It's not nicely done tho but i think cukup makan la cuz my illustrator gor prob..haha

Take care folks..c ya..