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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Diary at 9th December 2010, 8.32pm

4th day since the funeral..

       I started my day with a wake up call from my mom cuz we wanted to bring my grandma for a breakfast. We went to Hopoh at Jalan Krokop, Miri. Erm The food there is just ok la for me i think, a lot of choice tho. I've ordered a Kueh Chap for my grandma, Roti Telur for myself and some dim sum such as Har Kow, Siew Mai and Chu Cheong Fan, hehe. Seems like a pretty big feast like the old one says "must eat alot to kick start your day." My mom didn't order any because she just had a lovely breakfast with my dad before he go to work. After that we went to my sis's office to pass her some "Kuih" bought by my mom then we went to Some doctor nearby to buy some coughing medicine for my grandma as she is having a bad cough i think for her age. After that, we stop by the "Van Penjaja" (some van that sells vege, meat and etc, it's like a moving market) to buy some veges and such and head to the fruit stall nearby to buy a watermelon for juicing later. 
       After lunch, my mom serve the watermelon juice to us in hope of getting rid of our body head and boost our immune system. In the afternoon, i have my laptop accompany me in the living room. It is quite boring actually as we can't watch Tv so i just play game and browsing through some pictures and here comes 4 o'clock. I turn off everything and head to my room and prepare to take bath but end up having my laptop in front of me again, transferring pictures and listening to song until around 5.30pm. I went to take bath and getting ready to go out for dinner. We've ordered some "Mani" vege stir fry with egg, some bean curd, some deer meat suppose and a yam basket with pork ribs. [pictures will be posted up soon as im suffering from some inconvenience currently ]. After dinner, we went to Bintang Mega Mall for some after dinner walk while my mom going to SenQ to redeem some electronic stuff and she went to buy a new pair of heels as her heels suddenly broke just now. It has been a long time since i went there again. There us certainly some changes la. After a short walk, we headed home and now I've updating you guys of what i did today. It is quite boring actually, haha but at least i'm living a happy life for now.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Sorrowful Eyes

Hey, there's been quite a long time since i saw u the last time. How have u been doing? I'm unsure of ur life now but somehow..somehow...i see sorrow in your eyes. Even if u smile, your heart felt happy but i can sense there are some glimpse of sorrow in you.. i hope im wrong and you having a happy life....

   Once i know a girl who fallen in love with a boy....
            One day.. She saw a glimpse of hope...

                 But... everything change.. because of the family bound..
Status.. Money.. 
                         ... Everything changed...

She felt longing for that boy because she felt insecure anymore just being together with that boy,it's like every second they are been watch... anything she tell him is recorded.. been filed up.. 

....her love for him is there but because of the boundary, she is scare.. she is scare.. and she burst to tears just to think of that because... the boy doesn't know she assume..

     That boy when study abroad, learned new things, admired a new girl.. 
She just sit and watch.. happy yet scare.. she is bursting out..
Every night she can only sing to herself alone accompanied by her tears..
                                                                                                     one knows...
She missed him alot..
She is broken... she turned uncontious.. 
 and yet...   ...he still don't know.
The sorrow in the eyes..

Monday, November 08, 2010


...I'm so tired
Tired of assignments mostly..and maybe a lil' of other stuffs like this and handphone perhaps..
One of my fren once told me that "why you like to make it so complicated? just do it, don't think".. perhaps i should..but i feel like my brain is in constant rotating, thinking so many stuff..
I enjoy dreaming and it is my comfort zone...a place to keep me comfort and safe but it's not that comfortable now as my head is in constant strain.. I don't have much emotion nowadays..
nothing excited me.. nothing stimulate me...
im constantly seeking for something to stimulate me...
I guess there is no room in my head for emotion now..
.....i'm sick..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do Re Mi Fa So~TONE..D

Thursday, 29 July 2010
I just had my chicken rice and thai chicken feet at The Spring, KUCHING. It is not my 1st time eating there though but still im quite satisfied la since i felt so hungry after swimming at Stampark at BDC, KUCHING with my frens Deqli and Danie. I have tis issue coming up lately which is loseing my weight and tone up my body abit. It has not been a big issue before this but after i went to this shop which sells swimming gear and went trying on one of the good looking arena speedo or what ever they call it and i felt really offended with how bad it looks on me with my big fat thighs. The 1st thing that went into my mind is "Eww, sooo fat!!" i don't want to turn into a boomer even though i critize them..kinda, hahaha.. My target is not very high though, i just want my waist to be around 31 inches to 32 inches, a lil' visible of abs, tone biceps and triceps, and smaller thighs, in short..TONED!! i hope i can achieve that around 1 month after i started my new semester perhaps?hmm.. so do you guys have and comments of idea or tips on toning up the body or losing weight to share?? if u do, do leave them in my chat box because it is meant to let u guys, the hot stuffs and faboulous people to share ur ideas, message or comments on my post or even my blog..hehe ok la, i want to go do other stuffs d..c ya all around again soon..huggz

Monday, June 07, 2010


I kinda love this song recently as it feels like clubbing when i listen to it, haha.
I love her looks in the video as well because i think they are nice and creative.
Most imposrtantly i love her golden titanium blonde hair.
Since i enjoy this video so much, i hope YOU will enjoy it too..xp

You know, tonight I'm feeling a little out of control.
Is this me? You want to get crazy?
Cos I don't give a (Owww!)

I'm out of character, I'm in rare form
And if you really knew me, you'd know its not the norm

Cos I'm doing things that I normally won't do
The old me is gone, I feel brand new
And if you dont like it, fuck you
The musics on and Im dancing
I'm normally in the corner just standing
I'm feeling unusual. I don't care cos this is my night

I'm not myself tonight
Tonight I'm not the same girl, same girl
I'm not myself tonight
Tonight I'm not the same girl, same girl

I'm dancing a lot and I'm taking shots and I'm feeling fine
I'm kissing all the boys and the girls
Someone call the doctor cos I lost my mind

Cos I'm doing things that I normally won't do
The old me is gone, I feel brand new
And if you dont like it, fuck you
The musics on and Im dancing
I'm normally in the corner just standing
I'm feeling unusual. I don't care cos this is my night

I'm not myself tonight
Tonight I'm not the same girl, same girl
I'm not myself tonight
Tonight I'm not the same girl, same girl

In the morning, when I wake up
I go back to the girl I used to be
But baby, not tonight

I'm not myself tonight
Tonight I'm not the same girl, same girl
I'm not myself tonight
Tonight I'm not the same girl, same girl

Yeah, that feels good. I needed that
Yeah. Get crazy, lets go
Uhhh, thats right. Come on
Uhhh. Yeah, give it to me now
Dont stop. Uhhh. Yeah.

This video is taken when i visited them last month.
In the video is Sensei Ghazali aka Deqli and Sensei Hamdani aka Dani showing their students Aikido's technique.

First i want to appologize for the super duper extremely long period of not updating my blog ever since fb had taken over me hahaha...i'm so lazy to blog plus i dunno wad to blog sometimes..hmm
ok.. im gonna update u guys a bit on what i've done recently... Ive joined Aikido recently at Seikishin Aikido Dojo, Kuching. It was fun as i can sweat there, move my body more and noe more great people from different fields. I will try to post some of the videos asap in my next coming update. Apart from that, i've move out from living in my aunty. It has been a new experience as i never move out before and live alone. I have to plan everything everyday including how much clothes i need to wash and when to have my breakfast, lunch and dinner, hahaha. hmm...Ive been joining outdoor activities such as climbing mount Santubong and went to some waterfalls. I've got a pet too..i bet u guys can't even guess what pet i've got,'s a snake!!!! but it is only a thin small snake, hahaha...erm i'm still new to it so i hope it will tolerate me. Did u guys notice that i'm using "it" cuz im not sure whether it's male or female..nor the people who sells it know cause he say he din check it, hmm~ is it true? hahaha..nvm la..i dun care so much too.. so lately since my lovey when to KL for shopping with the sis, i'm left alone in kuching..but luckily i got a few nice frens la im off striving my stupid assignments..sigh..they are not that stupid, just that i blame then because my adobe illustrator cannot use...n i have to risk my pendrive on poking into the usb of our school's tons-of-virus doubt that they are fast, but at the same time they are dangerous too, hahaha...hopefully i can finish most of my assignments in time as im not in a good position now, y? cuz they sem gonna end in 2 weeks time yet. Muahaha, how am i gonna finish all off them in just short 2 weeks? I'm glad as our lecturer decided to extend the duration of this semester so that we can have more time to do our asignments but at the same time it is not good too if my partime job doesn't let me go with my final presentation because it falls in one of the working days, have to pray hard hahaha...i guess i should be resting soon and then wake up again to do my work...wish me luck ok, frens...huggz..

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Recent Update
My New Look for this year Chinese New Year..
It is inspired by the fashion show/runway culture while maintaining a big black frame which i call nerdy spec to give it a different look. It does gives a different feel a lil' with different outfit, don't you agree??..I hope you enjoy.. :)

This are all the look i did for tis year's new year i think..haha..
something new i think cuz i rare wanna do my hair cuz lazy n stuffs..
but this year decieded to give it a try n BAM! it work..haha..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Art of the Rose

*Photo courtesy of IMAGE BANK*

No matter how pretty a rose is,
Grabbing the hearts of the butterflies and bees..
One day it will withered n lose its beauty,

And soon the butterflies and the bees will fade and gone..
Where do you wanna lay your buds on with ur dry stem..

When you are no longer you..
is fair, HE let us blossom like a rose at least once in our life time to grant our wish in Terms of having a partner,being glamorous and famous, and being rich..
But soon those will fade away and we will be left alone if we don't use the gift wisely...

Thursday, January 07, 2010


I've been kiss by an Angel
An Angel of Despair..
Having you around is like living in Paradise
But losing you is the worst thing ever happened to me..
What happen to me?
I'm losing myself..
Like the moon eaten by The Night Wolf
I've become fragile and i notice it
but why?
That is the question i've been asking myself ever since then..
But until i saw another Angel..
What Angel are you?
Another question popped out..
No one could answer me that..
Only time will tell me the truth on who you are?..
Where you from?..
Should i follow your lead?..
Answer is all i need now..someone please tell me..
I'm losing myself fast..
I shall repent..