Thursday, December 09, 2010

Diary at 9th December 2010, 8.32pm

4th day since the funeral..

       I started my day with a wake up call from my mom cuz we wanted to bring my grandma for a breakfast. We went to Hopoh at Jalan Krokop, Miri. Erm The food there is just ok la for me i think, a lot of choice tho. I've ordered a Kueh Chap for my grandma, Roti Telur for myself and some dim sum such as Har Kow, Siew Mai and Chu Cheong Fan, hehe. Seems like a pretty big feast like the old one says "must eat alot to kick start your day." My mom didn't order any because she just had a lovely breakfast with my dad before he go to work. After that we went to my sis's office to pass her some "Kuih" bought by my mom then we went to Some doctor nearby to buy some coughing medicine for my grandma as she is having a bad cough i think for her age. After that, we stop by the "Van Penjaja" (some van that sells vege, meat and etc, it's like a moving market) to buy some veges and such and head to the fruit stall nearby to buy a watermelon for juicing later. 
       After lunch, my mom serve the watermelon juice to us in hope of getting rid of our body head and boost our immune system. In the afternoon, i have my laptop accompany me in the living room. It is quite boring actually as we can't watch Tv so i just play game and browsing through some pictures and here comes 4 o'clock. I turn off everything and head to my room and prepare to take bath but end up having my laptop in front of me again, transferring pictures and listening to song until around 5.30pm. I went to take bath and getting ready to go out for dinner. We've ordered some "Mani" vege stir fry with egg, some bean curd, some deer meat suppose and a yam basket with pork ribs. [pictures will be posted up soon as im suffering from some inconvenience currently ]. After dinner, we went to Bintang Mega Mall for some after dinner walk while my mom going to SenQ to redeem some electronic stuff and she went to buy a new pair of heels as her heels suddenly broke just now. It has been a long time since i went there again. There us certainly some changes la. After a short walk, we headed home and now I've updating you guys of what i did today. It is quite boring actually, haha but at least i'm living a happy life for now.