Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hectic Days I

Im gonna be brief with this...
Im damn busy these few days prone to my school's welcomin''s a masquaerade party,whr everyone is require to wear a mask to enter or go but we won't b that bad as not to let those who dun hav mask to go in cuz we kinda figure it out earlier so we made some simple one for those who dun hav..the sad thing is that i can't show you those pics now cuz i din bring my slr with me that nite mainly because im kinda one of the committee member plus i'm one of the model for the fashion show too so i thought i might be really busy that nite so im worried that it might "kena curi bah" since it's like a few thousand not to take that risk,i din bring it with me..*sorry guys* but i will try my best to get some of those pics front my frens,hahaha...btw i wanna talk about my 1st,virgin exp of being a model..hahah i noe it's not like a very big damn thing but for me it's like is la..hahah cuz IT'S MY 1st TIME DUDE..anyway so when i was walkin out to my 1st point,i still can c my partner,Helen walkin down the im still relieve a bit but check check when she reach on the ground really blind,i cant even c whr is the "lol" spotlight is hittin on the mainstage,or to me i can c anything under the spotlight nor behind when i reach the 2nd point and pose for a cannot c Helen i juz walk's the thing..when i finally c her..she just started to walk towards me but i almost reach my 3rd point,so im kinda panic for a while but luckily i still manage to come out with somethings..i slow down my walk to 1/2 tempo then walk over my point a bit so then we finally totally relieve..i strike my post with her with my outer ego look i walk walk walk to my 4th's another weird thing happen,Ms zizie suddenly pop out in front of me n take my kinda shock for a i din expect her to b thr u noe?..hahahha..then i went bak to Helen and pose pose walk walk walk then fin my 1st guess tat's enough for tat as i will update again when i got those pics so that i can talk more...ok so when everything finished,we go change then suddenly Michelle n Van's phone gone missin..then i start to panic i help them look for it we when up and down till suddenly Van call me "Jimmy, me get the key to the auditorium"..i asked y she said she saw her phone in we go get Helena n Ms chai n they got the key..n finally found Van's phone but sadly,i think Michelle's phone is totally gone..somehow..sigh.sorry Michelle..
*The end for the Party session*
Ok,this happen on Merdeka eve as im helpin out those models to dress them in kinda piss off, im helpin out them like damn sacrificing my time n energy,at the end...i got nothing..sigh,i din get paid,erm tat one stillll...~ ok la..i wish they do pay me too lol as im sooo broke now, least i gain exp from there so that next time when i gonna do a fashion show....i noe wad to settle n how to settle it..hahaha..yeah...actually thr's more but i guess im gonna leave it to the next blog cuz im really tired now as im missin sleep this 2 or 3 days la..c ya all in my next blog!!
*The End*

Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Revolution?? NononO

My New hair cut..hahaha

Wad do u think?

*Side view*

doin crazy pose again!!as usual,lol

Tryin to look cool pose,lol
This is me when i was attendin' Ling's birthday party

Willy wonka,Dhung the wuxun,Cindy the sexy n Me the diva..hahaha

Looking crazy as usual,lol
bite u! bite u!
*ngap*hahaha yummy!!
Before i cut my hair
Lookin nice as usual~hahaha
Feeling good tat morning so i took some pic of myself,
Tell me what u think,ok?


Here's the I-peek-you pose,haha

Thursday, August 07, 2008


As a lo of people dunno,
to day is actually the Chinese valentine's..
remember the story about a mortal man fallen in love with a goddess?
ya it's there meetin day today..
From wad i noe,they only manage to meet each other once a year..
only tru steppin on a flock of birds..
i forgot wad bird but it's the birds who let them step on the birds to meet each other.
haha,kinda mess up story here,cuz i dun really noe how to explain
me myself also not too sure,hahaha
wad im tryin to say is tat i think we need to cherish those who u love which is now
close to u..
even those far away ones,keep in touch..
the mortal n the goddess,they r far apart but they still love each other..
not cherry ok?haha
joking nia la,haiya

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Scorpion!!! OMG is it real? omg..
[computer voice] yes,it is real
do u wanna kill it??
let me do it..o not..
Dad..:yes captain..
*smack smack smack*
Me...: YES!!..victory
wowowo..hahaha died..bye,R.I.P

My Dog My Brother

This is my dog,i call it/him Benny at 1st
then cont with "Pai nien"[see cny visitin]
then at last,sometimes we call it
"sa kou" means stupid dog..
he looks kinda like a golden retriever but he's not..
but still,im not sad la
i still love him cuz he is charmin
Most of the time i think he look kinda dumb
n he likes ppl to rub his belly..soo horny

Protected Egg?? MAKAN,EAT..soli to all ppl out thr

Eee,what m i eating thr?looks like a ping pong ball
but i dunno tat ping pong ball can b eat
plus y got liquid de?eww wad is tat??

For those who dunno,this is how turtle eggs looks like when it's cooked
sorry eating ur nature frenz..they come to me..
i din go find them..
it's not totally my fault rite?

So good,got ppl serve me..guess who is tat??..
haha is my mum..
i scare later i tear the shield,the liquid might leak out so my mum help me out
haha,thz mum
My Life Changing Experience Part II

okok la,i admit la..i go have a medical check up nia,haha
tat's my report
as i tot,i do hav some allergy thingy goin on but
they say dunno if it's cause by my liver..cuz they din check
cuz i din pay for the liver check up
but hmm hopefully no prob la..
1st i salah dengar,i tot they say my kidney
i was damn worry
i dunno how long i still can use my kidney those stuff
but i duno if my kidney ok o not cuz i din check..
erm..hopefully ok la..pray for me,haha
huggz ppl..
My Life Changin Experience Part I

The ugly-i-m blurr look!..hahah,this was b4 i commit suicide..
i look ugly n weird n pale..a bit la...hahaha
I bet u DON'T believe i did commit suicide,..
then c the prove..

I go cut myself..cuz im feelin to..
someone stopped me..
guess who,post a person who u think stopped me from dying