Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Recently i had watch this movie called Shinjuku incident which i think is quite nice la
cuz for me it's really a unexpected plot and scene furthermore it's a movie i won't
usually go watch at the cinema unless people paid me to which this time it really happen too,
hahaha. My cousin treat me to this movie with a friend of hers and my another cousin, her lil sister. Overall i think this quite amazing because at the 1st half of the movie, i really din expected the plot to be so or maybe not him acted as that la then the 2nd half of movie makes me really excited n get me going wondering what will happen next. I mean eventhough i kinda though i know how the movie will go but then it end up better than i thought. I just dunno how to explain, haha. Y'all should go watch then you will get what i mean but for those who dislike killing and gore scene then better don't watch cuz some part is really "Oh My FOD". I gives it a 9/10.

Shinjuku Incident tells the story of an honest tractor mechanic from China (Jackie) who enters Japan illegally in search of his girlfriend. After failing to find a way to make an honest living, he is swept up into the dark world of the Japanese yakuza.


Jackie Chan as Steel head

Fan Bing Bing as Lily

Xu Jing Lei as Yuko if not mistaken,haha

Daniel Wu as Jie

Credits to:

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


It's been awhile since the last time i update my blog i guess. Anyway i'm just gonna share what i did in the last few days. I've been both modelling and photoshooting for our photography assignment. I modeled for 2 of my friends which turn out quite ok i think, hehe thx to me. Give me some comment thought.

Modelling for Lily

Modelling for Ah Seng

It's kinda a lucky day for me and my photographer. What i mean is he decided to use me as his model like suddenly that day which i didn't been inform earlier as for Lily. so that is the lucky me part and the reason that he is lucky because, well i just did my mask the night before because i thought Lily booked me on tat day but then i kinda got excited and mess up the date, hahaha as what Crystal would say, "Silly", hahaha in deed silly me.

So just yesterday, i did my photoshoot for my photography assignment with George as my model after all those hectic n brain sapping search. I'm really satisfied with him being my model but i'm no satisfies with the fact that the photo turn our blur. I know it's my fault because i did't really double check the photo before i decided to call it a rap, huhu!
Anyway, these are the photos that i took..sit back and enjoy lor~

The we are asked to shoot any product of our choice. I got no idea what to shoot actually until i decided to just shoot anything that i can get. I end up asking my aunt if she got any nice vase for me to shoot. After some searching and consideration, she hand me a lil' vase from her cupboard. At 1st i thought it's kinda a boring vase but then it end up like..
I have to thank Ah Seng for his suddenly remind of the skill Mr Simon taught us last time, hehe.

Lately i'm crazy about this phone, yes, LG Prada Kf900
This is the specs. :

Hmm..But then hopefully lets say if i got it, the performance is ok lo..that's all i hope despite what some people commented on its' wifi erm capability rite?..something about the wifi la, hehe.
This phone is so Wow, not only because it's Prada and the Full QWERTY keyboard but then what appeal to me the most is it's functions inside. It's really cool.
Go here and check it out then you will know what i'm talkin about: