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Friday, May 23, 2008

Pointless Post..

My latest...erm pic..hehehe,juz feel like postin it only..hahaha...

Once again,

U asked me about F baby..
It's so obvious,cant u tell it's related to u?..
Wanna noe who bought it for me?
It's me actually,
I bought if for myself..
The story begins when i was shoppin at some shop in kuch
Then i saw this soft toy..
Immediately i think of u..
I guess i miss u pretty much..
So i bought it..
When i c it,i feel like im lookin at u,
i hope tat u noe how much i miss u...
I love u..
My last few daysssss....<--c the 's' very long so means lot n lots of days..

hahaha dumb title...anyway i juz wanna "report" wad i've done last few dayssss...n i mean a lot of days cuz i noe it's a long time since my blog being now i decided to update my blog a bit...hahaha..erm let me c,whr should i start..
OK..1st..erm i finally thought that i miss the real owner of my F baby...
eventho i'm attached..
is it because i choose to b attach so tat i can forget the owner??..sigh
Anyway..i dun think we got a chance to be together tho...sigh,c la..

2ndly..i had a few session of modellin for my seniors' photoshot..hahaha
some simple one la..hahaha..with other models let's view our pic without further delay then..hehe..the one above is our seniors..the photographers n the models...he one below is me..when i was bored waitin for for my turn..hehe

next are some shot of one of my fren/ my senior/a photographer there..she is cool too n nice...hahaha,if u meet her in real person then u noe wad i mean..haha
The one with white halter neck is Roza i told u juz now n the other one is one of my senior n one of the models too..hehe

*Multi-talent photographer of LIMKOKWING..hahaha
u noe nowadays,even photograpgher need to noe a bit or 2 about make up n styling..hahaha u can c wad i mean here...but most of our photographer noes how to do makeup too la...i use the word "most" but i dun mean all..hahahaha,like me,i dunno how..hahaha

One of the photographer n my senior too n my fren too,hehehe
Her name is....
Vanesa <--let me noe if i spelt it wrong.. haha
So this is some part of my life last few days..but still there is lots more to go b4 i end this blogging session cuz i dunno y i juz got this urge to blog n it wont stop..hahaha so i guess i hav to follow the flow and continue bloggin then..hahahahaha

Ok the next story starts here...
One day when i was waitin for my fren to send us bak home from campus,
i saw my sem 1 intergrated design outside the marketin room,i suppose that is wad they called it
anyway..i was wonderin y its there actually when i saw it,
the 1st thing comes to my mind:
1. Finally they think it doesn't deserve to be in the showroom?
2. Erm new concept of decoration? juz show it infront of the marketin room?
3. They're cleaning the showroom? NO..
The answer is...

*Some of the lecs n staffs restin' near the booth..being spotted my ME...hahaha

They are havin a LIMKOKWING kuch erm roadshow at THE SPRING..
so that is wad it is..hahaha
i tot wad..
but still i wonder wad so nice about my design?
i think cuz they dun hav any other design tat can b put there now...
After that thingy..i went to watch this open fashion at THE SPRING too but the other wing..
it's from
UNIMAS was doin fashion about batik while we showcase some erm.............crafts
i guess..hahaha not sure man..*The runway b4 the show..ppl go visit..hahaha
The first session is the Batik show from UNIMAS.

The moment we've been waitin for...
i give u...
LimKoKWing's Fashion Show !!
Amber,Looks as usual..

Bunny,u ROCK man !!!

Amber and Bunny,blazin hot!!!

Vanese!!!...woohooo fierce man!!!i mean gal!!!

and here comes
Amber again,bring those fiery looks while maintainin her sexy-ness

next, we have...
Georgey!!!,My GOD..stike ur pose man...
show em wad u got..

The family photoshot after the show...nice show ppl...hahaha



Dex,Roza,Van n Bel..lookin nice ppl !!!
too bad i was the one takin pic,sigh

U think u had enough n this suppose to b the last?? hmm, u better think twice..i dunno y but my urge still blazin hot...soo im gonna continue with the next session of life info...

so last tuesday,i had a presentation for my comm studies
it was a hectic n tirin day for me man..
because of this wine,it hav to run from cafe to cafe to look for wine opener
n it had almost ruined my presentation look..
n i was late because of those searchin..
end up givin a kinda fast presentation as my heart is still pumpin fast..
sick,tired n f**k..
hate it..
Hmm..i think my bloggin superpower is tired that kindly wad i did last few daysssss....u r updated??hope so...if not then stay tune...hahaha....c ya all next time man...Adios!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Trying my new gadget while capturin the diff side of me...the one full with emotions..i guess it is a good practice or perhaps a starts,someppl may think all of this is sooo pathetically vain but..i dun give a damn about dun fuck with other ppl's mind will u?hehe...piss off

This is something i did for my design studies' assignment..hehe,quite interesting at 1st my lec say,but as time pass..i did not proceed at a persistent pace,end up my lec wanna knock my head off oledi..hahaha jk,erm basically this poster is about caring and loving those AIDS carrier as they r just like us,normal human..the only difference is they are carring a disease which sometimes they themselves dunno they having it....the important thing is they do not spread tru saliva or breathing so do not desciminate them..plz