Sunday, January 20, 2008

KL trip 2008 [Part 2]

*Me inside cable car..

*DUnno which hotel lobby is this but definitely is in Genting..haha

*Clown,..hahah so tall i wonder if he will fall o not..haha

*Inside Genting indoor theme park..

*Inside Genting indoor theme park 2...

*A funny lookin' statue of liberty...hahaha

*Mr.worker taping the outdoor theme park erm strap on us..thz..

*Left:Me Right:My bro's gf...we got out pass...yeah!!

*A cute caterpillar train...unfortunely we din manage to get on...hahaha

*My bro's gf feel so happy...i wonder y?hahaha

The Next chapter will be in the outdoor so dun offline...haha,c ya

Friday, January 18, 2008

KL trip 2008 [part 1]

* Our bus tickets to go to KL central

*Bro missing sarawak kolo mee..
while intro to his gf how tasty it is

*Part of KL city from our condor view..

*Part of KL city 2...
*My bro n his collegue's cribs
*In cable car goin to genting highland o theme park..
dunno which one,the fun place la...haha

*Inside cable car...
*My bro's gf n Me..haha *My bro n his gf..

Thursday, January 17, 2008

i dunno how to say but..
but i think i fallen in love with u...
i dun dare to get anything from u nor hope for ur love bak...
but..but can u please juz say no to me like really NO to me..
i'm so painful everyday when i think of u...
i noe u will never like me...but everytime i talk to u..i will think more
i noe it's cruel but if u willin..please treat me so nice..
i've tried to avoid seeing u but my heart juz keep betrayin me..
i so hope tat u will come n join us but u din show up..
it was the three of us..
i noe there r my good n best fren perhaps but..still's ok if u dun get wad i feel here...

Sunday, January 13, 2008


All this while..
Is it that i'm being a lier to myself?..
When the moon comes,One hopes for it..
But when it arrives,One try avoidin even meetin it..
Y is this keep happenin' to me...?
Will it b forever as the One said?..
Y shud it b me?
Is this a punishment?...I always tot i'm strong but seems like it's not the matter anymore..
I've tried to let u go but y does U keep comin bak to me?
Can't it juz b normal?juz be like how we use to be?..
U're killin me....
I made a fool out of myself
will i be able to handle when the time comes?o juz breakdown?...
I dun wanna be numb!!!!
it juz keep comin to me...