Monday, December 18, 2006

CINDY-This gal ah..erm sometimes kinda childish lor n sometimes quite matured lor..di wonder y?..n she likes to quarrel with her boyfren..she is pretty yet, not a pretty face.she likes to collect greetin cards...she loves her fren n willin to sacrifice for them so i think she is a good fren n for me i think she is one of my best fren lor even best fren are mean for one..hehe.
JENNY-She's one hot mama...sometimes when we go have tea o we call it 'lim teh' o in cantonese 'yam cha'..when she walk by someguys,they sure eye-ing her lor..if u get wad i mean..hiak! hiak! hiak!
SIAW LING-the impression tis gal gimme is that she is a tough girl.We sometimes call her 'ma siaw ling' due to the lead actress in the drama 'i have a date with the vampire'...She likes to go Balcony...they say tat she own tat place lor cuz she go there at least 4 to 5 days a week..hehe..i think lar..she n Jenny is best fren i think...sometimes they go there together...
JIUN-i think she likes to EAT....n she likes McD too...we use to do crazy stuff like havin happy meal just to get the toys with siaw ling..even we r like 5 o 6 years older than those pesky lil' kids..she is rich lor like Jenny n Frankie..hehehe she's a fan of Snoopy too.
JAMIE-the impression she give me is..anime gal n a freaky gamer..she's most lihai in Tekken lor..she plays PS2 like Hell...i think she's someone living a hard life de lor..somehow i htink lar..hehe..i knew her since primary school 2 o 3 juz bak n forthlar..hehe
FRANKIE-He's yen's best fren lo i guess...hiak! hiak! hiak! cuz they are like really really close frenz.He's rich lo...n a obedient boy..i think lar but sometimes the mind not ok like tat..a bit sot sot..hehe..he's also a kinda good lookin in some angle i find it challengin when goin out if he's in the other can motivate me to dress nicely for those out there who are single..dun mind let me intro him to u...hehe
YEN YEN-The first impresson he gave me when i met him is a tat he's a total broadcast station.He is one tall guy too..i will resommend him to join the 183 club..if u get wad i mean..hehe
CHIAM -She's a cool-out going gal loreven she's not not a hot offense here..she is a good listenertoo n sometimes she got bulied by me when i go crazy at school..i like to pinch her n make crazy things about everthing.she is a really good fren to Yen too..hehe
Jason chong-erm i knew tis guy i think juz tis year kua..he's a reallly nic guy lor..wad i mean nice is like..he's frenly n the most important think i guess is we got a lot in common lo...n he's really the modellin tat's mean i can get him to b my model lar..jajaja
jimmy-finally ME!!..erm i'm a simple guy lor n i likes to design clothes..i like fashion very much....i dun really noe much about c if u ppl can help me discover me drop a bit o 2 of wad u guys think of me lar..hehe

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Possessed..Born in China,Amber and her sister, Lisu are expanding their modeling ang singing careers in Malaysia when Amber suddenly falls into a coma while Lisu goes missing. Amber wake up 5 months later but has no recollections of her past. As Amber struggles to regain her memory, strange things begin to happen and her behavior becomes increasingly erratic and strange after her nightmares becomes more frequent and violent..

When you give up the past and begin a new life, would you stil look back to the past?...and if you do rediscover the past, will you be able to live it?

POSSESSED is a spine tingling story on the obsession with beauty and how the ghosts of the past hoaunt those who are possessed by it..

It's a recommended movie from me...muz go watch ooo
Me takin photo with Amber chia le...i'm so damn nervous at that time..shs's very pretty in real person oo..I even got Steve Yap n Amber to sign my,i'm so damn happy..!! unluckily..after that i have to rush to the cinema to go watch the movie that have start about 45mins oledi...sob sob..