Monday, September 29, 2008


I'm bak again..after a long long rest/idle of my blog..hahhaa
so erm actually i dunno wad to post as my tag's expired already..hahaha then i decided i got to post something...then...suddenly i came up with this idea of introducin' my cousins' dog,Tammy/Tamie..not sure which is the correct spellin but both sounds the same to me..hahaha
anyway..It's a bitch,as u guys noe,female dog r called tat it's a female doggy..
haha...erm n it's a pure breed golden retriever..(hopefully i've spell it correctly)
erm..she is extremely active i dare to say cuz when she detect anysound we make at the kitchen..she will run here n there to check if we opened the door cuz she wanna play..hahaha..
n her saliva..damn lots.hhahaha..kinda gross sometimes...but most of the time i find it funny.It's like a girl,let's say ur girl-friend drool sure u will LOL..when u see her everyday...hahaha.. about me..I'm still alive..hahaha
and kinda sick at the moment..havin slight flu those stuffs due to the weather..but i think it's recoverin..n ya im havin' my raya holidays now for those who dunno..haha
n..oh crazy about a new stuff...CLUBBIN..
everysince our masquerade party,i mean the dance part..i crave for tat moment like 70% of my free time? ok...last 2 my fren,George's he invited us to celebrate with him...wad an honour..hahaha..n Van's goin as well...yeah..hahaha Van pick me up n we went to Memories for dinner 1st..ya with Georges fren..which consist of Me,Van,Abby n her bf,Ricky,Danny and Jean,Per and Gordon last but not least Darel..she is a damn funny person..i guess..hahaha....n loud too...hahaha...anyway..after the dinner at Memories,we plan to go clubbin,so Per n Gordon suggest tat we go to Terminal 1 1st cuz they got a Jack Daniel i suppose wad tat drink called..hahaha so we when there..after we finished the whole bottle..we plan to go Soho cuz Terminal one is tooo erm boring i guess...cuz no one's in the mood..all like apek there..
ok so we went to;s like woohooo then suddenly i juz notice tat i left my key in Van's car,n since she's not goin due to her tired-ness..
so i called her up to send me my key again..anway,sorry we drink a lil n dance a lil...erm tat nite is still ok..haha..
ok the fun nite that i wanna share is the recent one..erm last it's a few days back's soo fun man..i wish all my frens were there but i guess that will not happen as there's something goin on between anyway...we had a lot of fun at this new erm bar or lounge called The;s kinda small actually but the thing is we heated the dance floor tat nite..means we're the one who brings the craze tat nite,cuz b4 that when we went in..everyone is like kinda boring n stuffs..some juz sit,n some juz play they own game at their own after moving seats,after seats..we finally got the one next to the dance floor..(i have to admit 1st tat i dunno how to dance) ya we drink a lil...then we started dancin..hahaha anyhow..hahaha...hmm,aduh! hard to tell u ppl la..hahaha next time come with us..but i will post those pic we've takin as soon as i got it from now im gonna show u some pic from Georges party....sweet nites...bye~

George's Birthday
Danny and Jean taking pic with Birthday Boi

Tryin to b fierce ke?haha

Danny and Jean feeling sweet i guess..hahaha

Van feelin sexy..hahaha
bw i juz notice that we wore the same color tat
it's a hint..hahaha


Jean n Per

George:erm,hello miss,i think the cake not nice la n the food..erm..can u redo it?hahaha

Georges cake 1

Makan Time..

Jean makan sambil act cute..hahaha

George desperate wanna blow the cake

The the pose durin birthday time..
While u're littin the candle..u DO able to post like this..hahaha

George's cake 2

Levi's Jean and Miss Kuching...hahaha

From top left:Darel,Van,Jean,Me,Danny,Gordon.
From Bottom Left:Abby,Ricky,Birthday boi...George

George,mentah2 kau dah boleh buka pad-lock kau tu...behave la sikit..haha

George:ha?apa...[feeling curious]


Soho Time!!
Candid..with Jean n Darel posing..the rest juz did nothing..hahaha


Jean & Danny

Darel & Jean

Gosh Darel...hahaha

Darel..behave...tat guy is someone from West Malaysia..haha they're havin fun but sadly not me tho..hahaha...but im look forward for tat..hahaha

So after those clubbin moments...we went to "homecook" to chill
n fill up our tummy before we go bak home..
Jean & Per

Jean desperate to hav Per's

She got her food at last n giv a sweet smile to the camera..hahaha

George & Darel

Monday, September 08, 2008

Masquerade Party 1
Ok..On 29th August 2008,6.30pm,at LimKokWing Campus..we had a theme party goin on..
guess wad theme we're havin this time? Last time we had Goth party so now we had Masquerade ya? for me it is la..hahaha cuz i love theme party..That is where u can let ur imagination run wild..u r allow to dress "overly" cuz almost everyone no worries..My routine starts at home early in the morning..i think,i forgot wad time i work up but around 7am or 8am like tat la..but after i woke kinda kesianted cuz i can't go take my bath n brush my teeth straight in fact i had to finish up my sewin,ya i noe rite..I SEW..some simple one la..hahaha
guess wad im making this time..hahaha,i've made a "furpad??" i dunno wad they call it so i juz call it fur cuz it's furry..the reason i made it cuz it's the first thing that came to my mind of wad to wear..FUR..hahaha mayb i like it too some when i finished my sewin,hmm kesianted again,i had to go iron my shirt n pants which im gonna wear that nite..U might wonder y seem so rush..the reason is im not goin bak after i reach school so i had to ready up everything n pack it in my Seed bag..kinda fun day for me too..hahaha
ya so after that,then i go brush my teeth n take my bath then had my breakfast..
after that my aunt sent me to campus..
after i reach there a while..if not mistaken,Bunny ask me to go fittin i i went to find Denise..then she looks kinda "tension-ly" ask us to fit into our clothes for the fashion show so she can take picture for us to show to out hairstylist..
so rushingly n "secara sebarang" we just wear those clothes n take pic..

Bunny don this tryin-to-b-cute,Bunny
some might wonder y im calling him Bunny isn't it erm kinda weird..
hmm,at 1st im kinda shok!! too when i ask him for his name
but late im kinda biasa already.hahaha

This is Andrew..erm my new fren i think but i hardly c him n campus..mayb he's hiding somewhr which i cannot find..hahaha,btw if u look closely,both his eye got different color,i mean the usual black part,his left one is lighter..ppl might think it's kinda weird but i think it's cool..hahaha
He's mix blood too..can't really tell rite?but in real u can if u r sensitive enough

Finally ME!! shirt is kinda simple but the construction is kinda unique a bit la..
hahaha..overall,simple cuz we dun have much which i call over-the-top piece for the guys..*sad* only a the one Bunny n Andrew wear..hahaha,ok me strutin this shy pose??lol cuz im kinda shy probably it's my 1st time?hahaha n still till tat day i can't believe i got the opportunity to be on the runway..hmm kinda fun tho,hope i will hav this kinda chance again..ahaha after taking those pics to b shown to our hairstylist..we went to Ray's salon..a fabulous n nice salon i do our hair..
after that when we went back to campus..
the stage is done..n almost everyone went back to get ready for the kinda tired yet excited plus a lil nervous tho..haha

This is the layout of the party..kinda..the stage,thz to the committee members.students and lecturer especially Mr.Petrus..he help design the cloth design there..

This is Arsita the Balinese Dancer n my fren too with Me..hahaha,this is after the fashion show tho..
withour further delay..i present you with party of the fashion show..
[The story here is not complete yet as i still dun have those photos]

Me strutin on the runway..ok,i look kinda weird cuz when i reach the spot..this Zizie suddenly pop out in front of me n start taking picture of me usin flash lagi..aduh..
i kinda freak out a bit lol...[thz Zizie]

Ok,as im walkin' bak to meet with Helen,My partner..she is kinda fun n wild girl i think..

I met her,posing..[huggin her waist] the pose is kinda hot i think but sadly we can't c it in here cuz too far away but no fren got a better view..hahaha

She left i start posing alone again..hmm..i almost go with her too as im not suppose to..hahaha but then luckily i "sempat".

I walk back to meet her while she is waitin n posin there.hahaha
This is our male finale..kinda where we pose with but im still at the bak on the way to George's side..hahaha
Finale #1
Finale #2
Finale #3

Finale #4
Finale #5
Finale #6

Finale #7

After the fashion feel much relieve but things keep comin our way..
Van n Michelle lost their phone as i had post in my last post so i won't elaborate much.
after we found Van's phone i feel really hungry like extremely cuz the last time i ate was my breakfast apart of some frechfries at George's place...ya i went to his place to get dress up everything..n cuz of that we r late...
After the fashion show shot..i look weird as usual..suprisingly almost all models wear white after the fashion
This is George n me..hahaha
This is Zizie,the one who scared me during the fashion show..hahaha n me,she looks beautiful that nite..n look kinda short..hmm probably cuz of the pants..wad u think of the pants??gimme comment in my cbox ok??..thz

Me and Arsita again..she is kinda pity tho cuz her dance outfit is damn tight so she can't move much..sad...btw she is one of the performer for that nite,in fact the 1st performer..performin balinese dance..quite nice i think tho i don't get to watch cuz im at backstage n r not allowed to go out as i had change to my fashion show clothes..hahaha
Relaxing with some of the guys..
From left: Me,Arsita,Kenan,Jim..ya Jim not Jimmy lol
b4 we ended the party..we had a marvelous dance session[think clubbin] in fact i think it's more fun n happening..where all the people there dance together no matter who you r..juz DANCE..the 1st time i dance in public too..hahaha, 2 "1st" oledi on that day..hahaha..when we r dancing "YMCA"..suddenly i feel like im out of breath probably cuz the energy from the food i ate juz now is kinda low..hahaha so i slow down a bit then when the "YMCA" part comes..i continue dancing again..hahaha,fun after the dancing..someone actually decided to have a group picture,.if u can spot me,actually i look kinda worn out plus kinda "selekeh" already..due to sweat n stuffs..hahaha
After the group picture session,we all "bersurai" but someone had started a bbq for us to "makan" as if still feel like eatin' but actually a lot of people was thinking of gettin a drink enstead of food..but surprisinly they r out of stok..i was like WTF..sick man...nvm so we went take pictures all around..

This is Me-Kenan-Zizie

After we had enough of that "no drinks" session chearie decided y not we all go for a drink 1st b4 we go we went to homecook to have a drink..not alcoholic drinks! ok? hahaha

This is Dex,feeling sleepy so he yawn to show his sleepy-ness as to protest,lol

This is Eric,feeling aggressive i guess so he show his teeth..argg!! lol
While Dom is busy doin his couture or covergirl..oops is coverboi shot..dun lose the neck~
We hav Jim again with us..he is busy doin something with his erm...something
i hav no idea wad he is doin..hahaha
Next we hav Glenda..a new known fren to me..oops she spotted me taking her candid-not-so-candid-shot now...hahahaha she is actually talkin to the guys at my side..hahaha
Cherie.Glen's bf..hahaha n Bunny's younger brother too by a year younger..hahaha
im not sure if he spotted me o not..but soon Glen told him..hahaha
So this is Angel,long time no c in my blog..
she got totally no idea of me takin her pic..hahaha lucky
Last but not least we hav Bunny,he is actually Angel's boifren now..hahaha

Andrew,im kinda surprise he went drinkin with us..hahaha..he sits beside me but i think he got no idea im takin his pic mayb..hahaha...

Me and him after the party..hahaha
credit to Zizie for taking this pic for us..n hi Andrew..
do greet me if u c me if i din notice u n dun hide so that i can c u in
that's the end of the 1st part of this post..thz for viewin,will update somemore pics soon..
c ya all ppl..stay but dun leave ok?..