Friday, January 30, 2009

A trip to Frankie's House

A group of Cny choir singing in his house with Mr. Choy..haha

Feeding Cindy Chong, so big d still wan me feed her,hahaha

A least she know how to post like a cover girl..hahaha

But at the end, ms nice nice cover girl turn Diva..haha

Ahem, wad are you guys searching in my bad ha? yuhoo

Ugly me haha
This Frankie Chai, cincai take my photo hahaha..
Stunning me hahaha le, i noe la..i say ugly juz wanna cover nia haha

Curious Yen with Frankie looking at dunno who's cigarette.

Hands up Yen, y u smoke?plz la...sigh
Kantoi terus..

Teck Hung
Hung : Hahaha..padan muka Yen...(lol)
Laugh untill like,perlu sik?hahaha

Sunday, January 25, 2009


God of wealth : May all of you have a prosperous year..

The main entrance of the nite market.

Lil' Sushi Head, latest trend..hahaha

Besides shopping, One may also enjoy various performance
such as lion & dragon dance,singing by various unfamiliar "artistes" etc.
Hungry after hours of browsing and walking?
Stop by siaw mai stalls along the nite market to ease your empty stomach.

A must have during Chinese New year, and One can grab lots of it
at the night market.

It seems that this stall is ready to go back and celebrate
their Chinese New Year.

Pork,a must have i think at least in my steamboat haha

Pig-Head (sorry to my muslim readers)

Besides food like noodles and siew mai,In the open-air market
colourful n luring 'Kuih' can be found there too so make sure you try it out
if u happen to drop by there

Lots of people rushing to grab their lots in the final minutes.

A giant guard dog situated near the open-air market.

West wing of Miri's Night Market.

Flowers to bloom up your love luck this year.

Everything ends with a nice long rain..hahaha

I wishes all my readers, Happy Chinese New Year and may all your wishes come true.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tagged By Ren aka Roza


001. Real name: Lee Chee Teck aka Jimmy
002. Nicknames: Hmm..Amber used to call me jimmy choo sometimes haha
003. Married: So not..yuhooo how old m i?
004. Zodiac sign: Pieces
005. Male or female: Male
006. Age: Going to be 20 soon...hmm dunno if i shoud b happy or not haha..
007. High school: St joseph Miri
008. College: LKW..guess wad it stands for then..
If u r clever enuh u shoud had figured it out hahaha
009. Residence: Here n There lo..haha
010. Hair color: Black with a bleach stain from my green hair last time haha
011. Long or short hair: I would consider it short for now
012. Smoke: Occasionally
013. Drink: Erm,occasionally? haha
014. Available: Nope,im taken n im living it now..
015. Are you a health freak: Probably.just sometimes..
016. Weight : 55+ ,not too sure but i htink i gain some weight after goin to gym
017. Do you have a crush?: Ernm ya but im havin a great time with my
"crush" now

018. Do you like yourself: Definitely i,y not?who won't oo?hmm
019. Piercings: Yup
020. Tattoos: No but not sure in the future..haha
021. Righty or lefty: Righty

022. First surgery: Nope dun hav n do not wish to hav it too..pray for me..
023: First piercing: Left ear
024. First best friend/s: Edwin
025. First award: Award? hmm band perform cert n souvenier trophy got la
026. First memory: not sure le..haha...
027. First pet: lucky i think a very big fierce dog which i remember
028. First vacation: Sydney,Australia?
029. First concert: High school around form 2 or 3
030. First crush: Hmm form 1?haha, i guess but i remember i had a girl when im
still in kindergarden

031. Last time you went out: This afternoon,when to gym haha.
032. Last time you had a good time: Last Sunday when everything starts to go
right haha

033. Last time you cried: Can't remember d..cuz im living my life now..
034. Last award: Dunno
035. Last trip abroad: Can't remember hmm
036. Last concert: Last sem i guess it's a party tho does it count?haha
037. Last album you bought: Rainism by Rain
038. Last song you played: In the end by kat deluna,juz finish downloadin it
039. Last phone call: Last nite with piggy haha
040. Last laugh: Yesterday i think

041. Summer or winter: Winter i like cold cuz i jus like it haha
042. Rainy or sunny: Rainy but cloudy will do too
043. Britney or Christina: Both,the rocks..they can dance n sing,y not?haha
044. TV or YouTube: Both i guess as tv is very big n relaxin n youtube,u juz
control everything n anything u wan to watch y not hahaha

045. Oprah or Tyra: Tyra most of the time cuz i think oprah tho she is influential,
i think she makes me sleep sometimes..sorry to say this
046. McD’s or KFC: Both
047. Soccer or tennis: Tennis
048. New york or San Francisco: NY

049. Eating: Nothing
050. Drinking: Sky juice haha
051. Wearing: Tees
052. Im about to: Call my piggy when i sleep
053. Listening to: In the end by Kat deluna


054. Food: None, as long as it taste nice to me..haha
055. Drinks: Tea-c Peng, soya bean, definitely milk but so not banana milk taste
so weird for me now haha

056. Colors: White,silver,black,blue indigo,blue but it depends on wad wears the
color haha

057. Numbers: 7,14 i guess

058. Want kids: Ya but i think i wan to adopt it probably like bradgelina haha
059. Want to get married: Not for now..hmm
060. Life: As long as it's nth worse than not havin xtra money for shoppin
061. Goals: I wan to b a top fashion designer not best but top
062. Where will you live: Somewhr near the beach? or just anywhere relaxin with
piggy of course haha n a lil schnauzer
063. Buy a house: Yes, a few
064. Buy a car: Yes not juz "a" but some la..haha at least pun 2

066. Love your mom?: Ya
067. Love your dad?: Ya
068. Are they still together?: Sure do, till the end of time


068. Lips or eyes: Lips is good when kissin,eyes is juz luring n sexy hmm..both la
069. Hugs or kisses: Obviously both hahaha
070. Shorter or Taller: Taller.
071. Lean or plump: Prefer lean but if piggy grow fat i dun mind i guess haha
072. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic
073 . Nice stomach or nice arms: Hmm u mean me? stomach la..
074 . Sensitive or loud: 75% romantic, 25% loud?
075 . Hook-ups or relationships: Agree with Ren,duh who doesn't want?

076. Bungee-jumped: Nope
077. Shook hands with someone important: I guess so cant really remember
078. Kissed a stranger: not
079. Drank bubbles: Yeah~
080. Lost glasses/contacts: Nope
081. Ran away from home: Nope,never tried b4 but it sounds kinda fun too haha
082. Liked someone younger: Erm preferably no
083. Older: Yes.
084. Broken someone’s heart: Did i? mayb my bestfren's i think
085. Been arrested: So not and do not hope for it haha
086. Turned someone down: Dun bout now but if i did or not so please YOU!,
inform me plz
087. Cried when someone died: Not really i guess cuz she is my teacher jak
088. Liked a friend: Yeap but turn out to b quite a good fren now haha

089. Yourself: Sometimes
090. Miracles: Ya as in 80%
091. Love at first sight: Yes 100% but most of the time it just not goin as u
wanted it to be
092. Heaven: Ya
093. Santa clause: Not really cuz he never gimme any present
094. Sex on the first date: Prefer no,as i want our relationship to last forever to
keeping something from em to imagine is important i
guess ahaha
095. the more you hate, the more you love: Ya
096. Angels: Not sure haha

097. Is there one person you want to be with you right now?: Obviously, tho we r
together now but i
wanna b by tat
person's side now

098. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at a time?: Nope
099. Do you believe in God?: Yes, like duh
100. Will you tag 10 people to continue this game: I will, y not?im juz gettin
warm up haha

Willy - Ron - BroJasonChong - BroCwee - Amber
Angel - Lily - Crystal - Jeff - Van

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Some ppl might ask me do u like clubbin?
y do u like it so much?
i would say yes but in a possitive way,i think it enables me to sweat a lot while havin''s like the attention thingy
plus it's kinda like for the new me,like..
"Im bak n ive change,Im bad"..hahaha u noe it's kinda dorky,lol
tonite?2nite was the worst nite of clubbin i ever had...
b4 this,i tot not dancin juz standing, not drinkin,not table to dance is bad but now to think back,it's not...not like tonite
i never been so mad during clubbin b4 n without second thought..
i walk bak from our clubbin spot tho it;s not far from my house..
argggg,im fuckin mad with's juz sick..argggg, i wont talk much cuz i noe it will definitely causes conflict direct or indirectly
arggggggg.....i will never go clubbin in miri again..fuck u CUNT!!
(i m juz mad..if u think im talkin about u which if it's not to u then sorry to make u "perasan")

Friday, January 09, 2009