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Friday, February 27, 2009


I just wanna share this or rather erm show off i guess? haha.. so my fren did a photoshot last month if im not mistaken with a agency in sg for Men's uno n Men's Folio as wad i've been inform.
And these is him during the photoshot which his fren helped him took during the photoshot. Credits for him, whoever he is.haha.

Nways, i got a favor to ask u guys. Please do inform me on where can i get sg Men's uno n Men's Folio if u happen to know or saw them in any book shop in kuching and for those who is outside of kuching but u can get it for me then please inform me on the price or wadsoever. I want to see as my fren didn't manage to get a copy from them i guess.hmm
Thz guys n gals.
My life this few days

It's so fu*k up this few days. I'm sick. I had this weird feelin like my stomach juice or wadever juice it is called like overflow. It keeps on giving me this sour feeling. You know like,erm..when u eat sour stuffs ur stomach will feel weird..i mean i do feel so la anyway. I'm so annoyed by it so i keep on eating a lot. It feels like the food i throw in is immediately been consume n absorb so i have to eat a lot so that there's some for later on,haha. Stupid thoughts rite? hmm..i noe..
Anyway, i'm so bored. Everyday stayin at home online whole day then sleep haha.. some people might envy about it but ive been through it so i dun think it as a really interesting schedule. I just wanna go out and hand out with frens n stuff but shopping is a nono..haha. Last nite, I went to watch the Buddhist parade with my cousin,aunt n uncle. It's quite cool actually since it's better than just stayin at home until i start to sweat a lil which i dun really like when i go out but wad piss me off is that after a few mins passed, i notice that there's this lil' LA erm..girl standing beside me. I'm ok with bumis n stuff but she is like damn weird. Ok let me describe, on my left side is a big damn tree and of course my right is my aunty n her this lil' LA girl slip her head beside me to peep on the parade n her bussy frezzy hair is like touchin me n stuffs. I feel so gross, i mean, "hello, can u just stand somewhere else to watch other than slippin ur head there which you won't be seeing anything too,duh~" luckily i didn't say that cuz in front of me,there's one family of LA too. If i've said that then i'm gonna get into a very big trouble haha..i noe rite,hmm. So after watchin the parade which i tot my aunt said we're goin shopping n stuffs, we went to jalan song for some drinks n stuffs. Actually i do not want to take any food at that moment seriously but that over-flowin-juice feel came, again! still feeling it now,lol. i have to order something to eat after much persuaved by my aunt. I ordered this "kam pua" which Dom usually eat last time n it still taste nice and my cousin ordered "kuea chap". After our meal, we went back. Then after some onlining. I made a call then went to sleep,hmm.
So this is basically how my life looks like for now, but i bet it's gonna be way different soon when assignments start flowin in n stuff. N thank you blogger or visit who visits my blog. I'll try to improve my blog asap haha..see i got lots of links now haha..
SEE YA all next time.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Here i come

Sigh..n yeah i suppose..
im back in kuch again for studyin...
The only thing which i miss is all my frens here ..
But i miss my frens in miri too like wad we did last nite..
we went out "yam cha" [cantonese: a bunch of people gather around n chit chat at some cafe, etc]
we talk about the time when we're still in high school n stuffs
It's so funny..
My heart feel heavy probably becuz my fren is goin to Perth for his study soon too..
we r not like best buddy of stuff but.. to think that i hardly seem him.. probably only one period of the year is hard...
hopefully he'll be coming back next year la..
since i heard his dad didn't booked the ticket for next year..
so i doubt he might not b comin bak?..
he's a good fren but sometimes i juz feels like wanna stab him haha
juz kiddin...
so now im here in kuching now.n we juz had our school launchin like yesterday?..haha..
saw a "pontianak"..she is soo damn funny man..wearin white kebaya with long blonde hair n hideous make up..apuu.. scary to the max, you guys out there should c her. My class gonna start soon too.. hopefully this sem is a different sem for me as in i finish all my work n hav a good result in the end as i din hav a good gred this sem..sigh..
sorry for the messy-ness of this post..
it was suppose to b,duh~ haha..
take care Mr Frankie Chai n frens in miri..
Here i come frens in kuch..Roza,van..eric-dom-dex-angel... hahahaha

Monday, February 09, 2009

It Ends with big round Moon

Aren't they pretty?
I heard from my friend that tonight's moon is the biggest so far or something like that.
Luckily i hav my Slr with me haha,if not.. i dun think i'm able to capture
this beautiful moon tho it might not as pro with the wb this n that but at least
it's better than havin juz plan white round shape which is captured using handphone-cam..
hahaha... n i have to thank my parent who bought my zoom lense from sigma to capture this moon ah..hahaha..
today is Chap Goh Meh wo, last day of Chinese New year fast la
sigh, in a blink of an eye back then, i was thinkin " wah Chinese NewYear is coming le, so fun. Can go visitin, receive angpao n blessin' etc" n now, it's the last day dy..sooo "bu se de" haha..n next week i'll be ogin bak to kuching d..sigh..but i hope everything goes well this year,in both my study n ahem~..hahaha
n i sincerely wish you all, Happy and Properous year ahead la..take care ok?