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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do Re Mi Fa So~TONE..D

Thursday, 29 July 2010
I just had my chicken rice and thai chicken feet at The Spring, KUCHING. It is not my 1st time eating there though but still im quite satisfied la since i felt so hungry after swimming at Stampark at BDC, KUCHING with my frens Deqli and Danie. I have tis issue coming up lately which is loseing my weight and tone up my body abit. It has not been a big issue before this but after i went to this shop which sells swimming gear and went trying on one of the good looking arena speedo or what ever they call it and i felt really offended with how bad it looks on me with my big fat thighs. The 1st thing that went into my mind is "Eww, sooo fat!!" i don't want to turn into a boomer even though i critize them..kinda, hahaha.. My target is not very high though, i just want my waist to be around 31 inches to 32 inches, a lil' visible of abs, tone biceps and triceps, and smaller thighs, in short..TONED!! i hope i can achieve that around 1 month after i started my new semester perhaps?hmm.. so do you guys have and comments of idea or tips on toning up the body or losing weight to share?? if u do, do leave them in my chat box because it is meant to let u guys, the hot stuffs and faboulous people to share ur ideas, message or comments on my post or even my blog..hehe ok la, i want to go do other stuffs d..c ya all around again soon..huggz