Friday, November 03, 2006

Today is our convocation..i'm pretty though cuz we had a great gatherin.We talk,we laugh,we juz enjoy as much as posibble..yet there's moment that we all get nervous.
It's when we all need to go up stage to get our certificate.It's an experience though.At first i thought that i will be really nervous,i did but when the moment comes,it's juz nothing.Maybe i use to perform in front of a crowd of people durin band so when i went up there,i feel nice.I enjoy it.It's a good feelin.But in the other hand there's still much more thing that i can't let to go.I feel very uncomfortable now.I dunno what can i do.I'm mad about it yet i juz can't forget about it.I hate it very much.i hate myself for obtaining this feelin' and i hate the matter itself.What can i do? someone, plz help me!! I beg for it.Why do i wish to befriend with this brat anyway.Sometimes i just feel that i'm a pathetic person.

The exam is coming soon enough but i seem to lost my path and my desire to study.My head is all cramp up.I can't seem to design something when i need to yet sometimes it just comes in a glimpse of eyes.Is this a normal thing to have? and when can my parents let me persue my dreams? wad should i do? they doesn't seem to understand wad i want.It's hard when there's parents that see money as a important thing i guess.It just seem that they doesn't want me to take this path due to the hardship of gettin job and/or gettin rich.The main thing that i wanna be a designer is to make everyone look nice,to have my own label,to show off my work in the runway and the most important of all,to raise the awareness of people in need to wear nicely.
to b wonderful n beautiful.Beautiful things doesn't mean One need to buy expensive clothes o top designer clothes but to wear as in to be able to look nice even it's clothes from very low price.I wan everyone to be beautiful,to be wonderful,to look smart and all those nice nice things of it.I hope it can be a reality.