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Thursday, November 20, 2008

....FinallyFinallyFinally.... Final-est presentation oledi over..finally man..but still got a lot of touch up to do,this n that..sick week is our last week oledi..then we're off holiday d..hahaha...missed all my Miri frens so much..haha...tho im soo stress now...i barely sleep well this 2-3 days due to final assignments and stuffs..hahaha..for a lot of ppl..sleep at 3 is still early but for me is like so late slept arpund this time this few days so fuckin tired now n stress n frus...
i ot ideas but my work sucks yet the lecturer doesn't seem to noe it and think that i got better potential...arggg..i think la..hahaha....some is like sick to the floor the earth under the soil..hahaha..sigh..chill~..i think i need to sleep early this few days after today to insure that i have a healthy head still hurts tho..haha....i feel like goin shoppin now..hahaha..mayb kong hui is rite..i might b a shopaholic..hmm...hahaha..i'm gonna hav my holiday soon..yeah..yet i kinda miss my kuch frens too..haha fun ppl n some close ppl's like both r equally important..arggg....hmm ok la...n kindly fill in my simple survey in the end of the blog..not the post oo...if u wanna fill about the post also can..mostly welcome...bye...will update asap i think..since i juz need to rush my work nia b4 this sem more to go i htink...apart from those touch up one which is computer graphic,magazine layout...arg...ALEXIUS~!!!