Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Moon Trailer
Hope you enjoy..
I think the graphic n idea is not bad in the sense of creativity la.hahaha

An Annoying Moment of Truth

All my hope, dreams n wishes..
All of them had turn to poison...
A poison live within me..
A poison that is sweet..
A poison which you wish o wish not to live within..

..When wind blows
It brings One to heaven within a short moment
And let u mesmeriza after that..

No matter how much sweet i add..
It will just turn bitter at the end..

I long for you but only time can tell what will happen..
I really miss you..

Friday, June 19, 2009

There's a lot of colours which can be found in any application
in your window such as bitmap,adobe illustrator and adobe illustrator. might wonder, SO?..I know right?..
.I'm gonna tag YOU!
Collin Chong

Name any 3 items which comes in your mind when u
see this colours. After you had fill in 3 items, put your name at the
end of the last on which will be number 3th, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th,
18th, 21th, 24th, 27th, 30th.

3.My illustration monochromatic art work. -Jimmy

1.Orange (Obviously,hahaha).
2.Frankie chai.
3.Lily (Dunno,Y?). -Jimmy

1.Egg york.
3.Nicole's shoes. -Jimmy

1.My eye cream.
3.Aunty Collin's blog. -Jimmy

1.My pillow.
2.My blanket.
3.Peacock. -Jimmy

1.Brand's Prune Essence.
3.Nicole. -Jimmy

1.Toilet paper.
2.My mum.
3.Cleanliness. -Jimmy

2.My bottle.
3.My phone. -Jimmy

You! who i tagged must continue the list till it reach number 30.
The last person who got tagged must post this tag with the title,
"Jimmy! the tag is done!" eventhough you don't even know me.
Each person are only allow to tag one person at a time.Thz

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sweet.Wishes but not Poison

I hope my life will be like this forever..

Full of memories..
Not nightmares but blissful dreams..
Facing any challenge ahead strongly..
You are who you are who i love..
I hope i m who u love and who i m too~..
Brushing my hair, rubbing your nose is another facebook in my new life..
All of all..

I hope this life will not turn into a decease in me..

I want all the sweet b sweet..
All the poison b no poison..
Loving what u treasure more is another challenge for me..
I find it interesting..
What you like is what i must treasure too..
Hopefully what i like is what they will treasure too..

Till the end of time..
Knot are tied tightly..
Like peanut butter with vanilla ice cream on top..hehe..
It will be the sweetest desert no one would ever taste..
They will all jealous.. me the soh hai kid, :P
Sammy Cheng fellow readers,u might think that y the heck that i posted this post..The reason is she use to be one of my idol n my sis's too i think. Love her song,it's nice and simple yet timeless,at least for me la,hehe.

These are some songs that i like, not particularly but just like no matter when i listen and how many times i listen to it,hmm.
I know i'm old d but she is quite famous during my time wad? hehe

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I've lost the most valueable treasure in my life..
I always thought that it is not worth that much as i use to
but ..
Now i regreted for lettin it go..
I guess im just a pathetic person..
Some people might see me as a emotionless person..
Or a person who is wild and doesn't care about anything in life..
Now i realise..that valueable treasure is something which i couldn't let go..
I'm sorry...

I personally think that this is not a bad collection, In fact, it is a nice collection..

Roberto cavalli is one of the Fashion Designer tho i love..