Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Christmas Eve
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It has been a wonderful Christmas Eve this year as it was fun hanging out with my friends, having You around makes me cherish it more though there is time where i feel awkward hmm..
I still love you thought. I'm happy too because i had the most wonderful meal with You and William. It is wonderful because i felt really full that time. I ate a lot because you were there, dear~. I never feel like so ever since that day and that is why i cherish it the most. I'm happy too as i got to hugg You and wishes you Merry Christmas moreover i got to kiss you when i was tipsy in Pavillion. Although this is not the Christmas gift which i wish for but at least in exchange, i got something good too. I do hope for my Christmas dream to come true one day with You and so, i will wait for You. It is nice having You around, dear..I hope You will like the gift i gave to you although it is not something expensive or anything but for me, it is a priceless gift as it is only meant for you and me, dear..I love you~ :* :* :* :* Happy always ok? Don't stress yourself..huggz

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I feel really sad when i know that i cant
celebrate next year's Valentine's Day with you dear..
I love u so much and i mean it every time
i say it.
You are my everything..
You fill up my heart with your tenderness and care..
Your ever moves makes me wanna love you more..
I still remember our 1st night..
It is the most romantic night i had before that..
I can't stand not to see you even a sec..
Every night i feel missing when you are not beside me..
Your presence sends me to paradise..
A place where i feel calm and secure..
A place where you belongs to me and i fully belongs to u..
I'm in pain now as you are not here with me now,dear..
It hurts me more when i know you gonna leave me once more..
It's still a period of time and might be the last time you will leave me
for that long period
Whenever u leave me, i feel like a million needle
stab to my heart..
The pain won't be any less than the 1st time u leave me..
the night when we hug together..
It is a night i remember and cherish the most..
I love u, dear~

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Christmas Present wish-list:

1. I want a romantic time with U~
It dun have to be in any particular place but it will b a plus with that particular place is the right
place. All i want is you to b with me on that particular moment, only 2 of us..It will be the best
gift i ever had d.
2. U!
3. Dear~

This is all i want for christmas.. It seems easy but will it come through?
I hope it will..I want a memorable christmas with u, dear~
Love u much..
I hope our love will never ends and we will be happy always..