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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

-----Rain is comin' bad-----

"Hi,My new album coming out..

Do support me...
Thankz to all my fans for being so supportive all this while.
My 5th album is comin out called "Rainism".
Support me support original ok?? be a good fans..hahaha

These are some pictures from Jung Ji Hoon's latest album,Rainism

Do support him if you're one of his fans...

One of the way is to but his original album..

He's a really great person..strive n courage

All for himself n his matter what happened to him..always stay by his side and give him your best of supports..

Btw i just got mine..i mean his ORIGINAL album.. excited at still excited..hahaha woohoo....
but sadly i only got 3 of his album now...sigh...
but i think i've shown my support as far as i can..for now..cuz some of his old album can't be found now..hahaha..sigh..ok this is the prove..

What's included in this album??
erm..ok..basically is like some basic album but for looks really classy
plus it got a what i called mini album..not like other album which i know..this one got quite a lot of art n design in it and the pictures are awesome..hahaha...
the printing is nice got a lot of good comments about the printing and colors from my friends for those who appriciate it other than his fans..get one and you won't regret..