Sunday, July 26, 2009

say, Cheeeese Cakey

Before i came back to Miri and before i had my "poison",
i had this sudden rush of making my "sweet" something and
after some discussing and some research, one of my fren,
Frendy, gave me an idea of making a none baking cheese cake.
Isn't it easy? I does sounds easy to someone like me who
doesn't know how to use oven anyway,haha.

Cheese cake Ingredient:
500gm cream cheese
3tspns gelatine powder
60ml plain water
castor sugar

-Melt butter and mix with cracker crumb until u get this
almost dough-like texture.
-Spread the mixture nicely on the pan or in my case i use a
lunch box with a spread of foil on it so that it will b easier to
get the cheese cake out later.

-Mix 500gm cream cheese and castor sugar to the taste which
you like.
-Double boiled 3tspns of gelatine powder with approx. 60ml
-Mix both the cream cheese and gelatine powder. One may
add a lil' condense milk or cream to tune down the cheese

So back to the story, i went to get those ingredieant with
my fren Nicole in Ta Kiong. It's like Amazing race cuz we
went to shop there last min and i mean it. It's like we're the
last customer there to pay,haha. A few days later, i went to
Nicole's house to make the cake. I did a lil' modified to the
recipe actually. I added a thin layer of white chocolate
between the cracker layer and the cheese cuz my "sweet"
said he like chocolate and vanila so i tot of using white-choc
will be nice and surprisingly Nicole said it's nice but sadly
i didn't got the chance to taste it as i only focus on making
it for my "sweet". I did one forNicole with the leftovers
i had,hahaha.

In exchange, i got this:

Mine :p

Nicole's,so ugly de,hehe...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Food-ah Fiesta~

Sometime last month me n one of my bestfren, Nicole,
gone sushi-crave. Especially sushi from Sushi King.
Surprisingly the sushi there is quite ok, in means that it's nice
and affordable. The sushi there range between RM2 to RM6
mostly not include those "special" ones. See, it's quite cheap.
So back to the story, the crave starts when we plan to go to
desert one afternoon and suddenly saw someone. I forgot who
we saw d. Anyway, so we change our plan, i decided why not
sushi king then since i barely tried the sushi there and i kinda
crave for it that time. So we went in and had some. After that
time, it has been our fun time. We enjoy having it as well as
taking picture of them. I even research in youtube on the
correct way to eat sushi. The photos below are some
collection of sushi that we had tried and our moment having

Me And Nicole Having Sushi~

After i came back to my hometown,Miri (Miri is the city of
sea-horse by the way). i've promised Willy to bring him to the
gym which i went to before which is the CYBER GYM.
The gym is located near the oldest KFC in Miri, the one in
the old pasar there and managed by.....a old woman.
Ya, O~L~D~ W~O~M~A~N~. She is quite a good person i
think but the only thing that i don't like about her which is
like a minor problem that i don't like about her is her being
late. I mean L-A-T-E.. She is always late and i don't know y.
Her gym suppose to open at 2pm but she always come
around 2.30pm or even 3pm sometimes. So most of the time
i had to wait for her to open her gym which made me the
earliest lil' kid there, haha. So bla bla bla, after we had our
workout, me, Willy, Cindy and her lil' bro went makan
(makan means eat in Bahasa Melayu). We went to this mamak
store i suppose which is called ----. They ordered this meal
called Lalapan which kinda sounds like lipan or lipas to me,lol,
which looks like this..

And these are those human who eats it,hahaha.

Cindy Chong n Willy Eating Lalapan..

This is Adam Chong, Cindy's lil's brother.

That's all folks..sorry to keep ya'all waiting this long for my update..