Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A token of success n good lucky for my brother from me
Unfortunately he forget to bring it with him.. so...nth else..Lolz

Monday, August 28, 2006

today..hmm..erm today nothing special lor..except that i had my dinner with my grandps's fren..or Uncle Micheal's uncle lor..erm he's from Shandong lar if i'm not wrong,hehe..there's nothing much i can say lor cuz i dun really noe him..erm we eat quite luxurious dish lor..there's bbq pork/pig..shark fin, n cucumber too lor...with tang yuan as desert..at Sin Soon Chin restorant..not bad lar..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Last night, my parent told me not to take fashion design course next year..i say "wad?..no.it will not b..i will not take other course other than fashion design.." than the atmosphere bcome tense..then we continued to watch Tv...i'm pretty sure that they doesn't wan me to study tis course bcuz they think that it will not bring anywhere with the cert....but..it's my passion my passion that make me strong in this field,if i take other course..it will juz end up..as a support-living-job.. then wad's the use of it to take that course..it waste money n time...if so..i better work somewhere else..as promoter o something that's it...i hope that they will understand this matter well enuh...deep in my heart i noe that it's a tough field me to explore but it's my choice...i dun wan to do something that i dun bother to think in tis age..somepeople may say that i'm hard-headed but wad to do?..tis is who i m..maybe, juz maybe i'll b able to b success or at least got a name in our country for my delicate design..who noes..it's the future thing...hope that my dream will come true someday..

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sigh..now i feel kinda lonely..it's kinda quiet in the house..my bro's not in here already..my sis not always here...i feel like, nothing to do...wad i can do now is study study study n study...other than that...i dunno wad i can do....it's gonna be tough tis year since i'm sittin for SPM...it's like too much for me on wad happened this year..or just some sort of test to prepare me for future advance study in KL..i guess..i'm kinda sad + bored rite now...everything seem totally new to me..it's quiet around the house....i'm not saying that it's no good for everything to go like tis but...it's too blank.....maybe tis is wad they call LIFE.